We Helped a Dental Clinic Get 820% More Enquiries through Its Website in 9 Months.

1. Background


Our client runs a dental business with several clinics in New York. The client’s business was already established when we began working together, but his online presence was very limited up to that point. He was getting about 1,200 visitors on his website each month.


Caption: this ranking graph shows how the client’s website visibility on Google has increased throughout our work together. 


2. Objective


We’ve seen this kind of situation several times in the past: an otherwise well-run business has neglected its online marketing and the owner realises that they’re missing out on potential customers. Our task was to prove that SEO could be a profitable source of new customers for this business.


3. Strategy


When we took this client on, the website didn’t have Google Analytics set up. This made it difficult for our client to know how many people were visiting his website and what percentage of these visitors were going on to become customers. Our priority was to set up Google Analytics and goal tracking (as a result of this, all the numbers used in this case study are from the client’s second full month of working with Royal SEO). 


With a better understanding of the client’s business in hand, we were able to plan out our next moves. Here’s what we did:

Caption: this graph shows how much additional traffic we’ve been able to drive to their website.


3. Package & Results


As our client’s business was already successful, he was able to start with our premium SEO packageThis meant we were able to see significant results after nine months of work. All of the results below compare the second month of the campaign (the first full month of accurate conversion tracking) to the ninth:

Caption: the graph above shows the number of enquiries on our client’s website since they started working with Royal SEO.

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